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communications for the smart, the thoughtful and for those wanting to make a difference communications for the smart, the thoughtful and for those wanting to make a difference

Who we are

At Communicas we like to give a -louder- voice to those with great ideas, with wonderful projects and to those who are passionate about making a difference.

We are a small communications agency based in London, Cornwall and Madrid working with companies and organizations everywhere in the world.

We are experts in the academic and career development sector (universities, colleges and schools, cultural and academic institutions, business schools) and have strong media links in Europe and the UK, the US and Latin America. Though our reach is international, we also love getting involved in local initiatives.

Communicas delivers its services through a team of experienced professionals based in Europe (Spain and the UK), Latin America (Peru, Colombia and Mexico) and the US.

Passionate about

We believe that communications can be a force for good so we are very keen on using it to its full strength and potential. For this reason, at Communicas we will support projects, causes and institutions who have a strong sense of mission but might lack the resources for a good communications campaign.

Some areas that we will support pro-bono include:

  • Sports as a source of inspiration
  • Women
  • Education for everyone
  • Protecting the environment and animals
  • Easy access to culture and art

What we do

Communicas provides PR and communications support to companies and academic organizations all over the world.

Although the communications and media landscape is in the midst of fast changes, we believe that reputation is still crucial for companies. At Communicas we ensure your voice is heard in every format, whichever it is.

Our services

Media Relations

Multimedia Content Creation

Communications & Team Management

Social Media

Media Training

Media Events Management

Who we do it for

Academic institutions


Business Schools

Schools and Colleges


Cultural, social and academic institutions

Business, innovation and entrepreneurship platforms and organizations





Where we work

We bring the personal touch of a boutique agency and the clout of an international media network that spans Europe, the UK, the US and Central and Latin America.

Whether your audience is international or local, we ensure your messages are heard.

With team presence in Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Spain, UK and US (California and North Carolina)

Some of the organizations we work with

Our international media network